Compassionate Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

At the law firm of Heller & Heller, P.A., we are committed to the pursuit of justice for people who have been injured or lost loved ones in tragic, preventable motor vehicle accidents in South Florida. We know that, when the worst happens, a family can benefit from consulting attorneys who can lend a compassionate ear while providing sound legal advice in terms that are understandable and forthright.

Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company Until You Meet With an Attorney

People are often surprised to learn how difficult it is to get a fair break from the insurance company after suffering an injury in a car, truck or motorcycle accident. Even your own insurance company will push back when you try to claim against your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which you have been paying for years.

It is not unusual to hear them blaming the victim for being partially or wholly responsible for an accident. We are familiar with this and other common tactics designed to intimidate those who set out to hold others responsible for their careless or reckless driving.

Fortunately, Florida is a pure comparative fault state. This means that an accident victim’s recovery can be diminished in proportion to the amount of fault attributable to the injured person, but his or her contributory fault does not completely bar the possibility of receiving compensation.

We understand the financial difficulties faced by individuals and families after a serious motor vehicle accident injury or death of a loved one. We accept most cases on a contingency fee basis. In such cases, you do not pay us anything unless we recover compensation for you.

So, don’t get into a discussion or fight with an insurance adjuster. Bring your case to us. We aggressively represent clients in motor vehicle accident cases such as:

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