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Video surveillance tapes may be a boon to plaintiffs

The issue of proof surrounding who is at fault in Florida for a serious car accident is an important one because, without evidence of fault, an injured innocent party will have no recourse. In order to receive compensation for one's damages, be they property damages or personal injuries, an accident victim has to demonstrate that another person caused the accident.

Careful: Drunk drivers are still out there

Among the most startling statistics compiled by Mothers Against Drunk Driving is that on average, two out of three people will be in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime. MADD also cites information gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which reveals that the average drunk driver has driven while intoxicated over 80 times before being arrested.

Why drowsy driving is dangerous

Sleepiness while driving is a serious risk that many people underestimate. When most think of drowsy driving that poses a significant risk, they typically imagine a commercial truck driver who has spent the last 24 hours on the road. However, recent research indicates that under-sleeping by even a couple of hours can seriously increase the chance of getting into an accident.

Types of driver distraction

While everyone has heard that distracted driving leads to tickets and accidents, many Florida drivers do not realize how big the problem really is. Channel 8 News reported that despite a law passed that bans texting while driving, the state's police force still issued 3,400 citations in 18 months. Distracted driving contributed to the death of 214 people, 198 of those being the vehicle driver, and over 45,000 crashes in the year 2015 alone. When it comes to distracted driving, many drivers do not understand exactly what qualifies. Forms of distraction are divided into three categories.

Essential safety gear for motorcyclists

Estimates place the number of motorcyclist deaths at between 4,000 and 5,000 people every year. What's worse than this staggering number is the realization that many of the fatalities could have been avoided. With safe driving and appropriate preventative action, motorcyclists can stay safe and avoid being one of the many riders who get in accidents and contribute to alarming statistics. The gear you wear is one of the most important factors your safety, so do not forget these four essential items the next time you hit the road on your bike. 

So You Were Injured After Rear-Ending Someone In Florida

The most common type of automobile accidents are rear-end collisions, accounting for more than 1.7 million accidents each year in the United States alone. These accidents often occur as a result of distracted driving, carelessness, or inattentiveness. If a driver takes his eyes off of the road even for a second, a sudden stop can potentially catch him off-guard and lead him to careen into the back of the stopped vehicle, causing harm to each driver and damage to the vehicles involved.

Will a personal injury lawyer really make a difference?

There has always been some debate about whether a person injured in a car accident in South Florida will really receive a higher settlement offer by hiring a lawyer. After all, insurance companies offer a small layer of legal representation as part of the policy coverage. What can an attorney do for you that you can't do for yourself?

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