Marital Settlement Agreement

An Affordable Florida Divorce Option

In any divorce in Florida, the law requires parties, via a mandatory disclosure, to engage in an exchange of financial information. Through this exchange, parties can negotiate or mediate with each other toward a marital settlement agreement. The vast majority of divorce cases do not go to trial and instead are resolved this way.

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At Heller & Heller, P.A., we encourage our clients to consider our affordable divorce options. A marital settlement agreement is one of the more cost-effective and efficient ways to achieve an amicable divorce. Rather than spend a significant amount fighting in court, parties are able to control the outcome of their case in a negotiated settlement agreement. This is also known as an uncontested divorce, where parties agree on all divorce issues instead of going to trial.

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Advantage Of Marital Settlement Agreements

The major advantage of utilizing mediation and negotiation toward a marital settlement agreement is avoiding an emotionally exhausting, costly, and drawn-out divorce proceeding. We will work with you to prepare a marriage settlement agreement and present it in writing to the other party. At the very least, this starts the process toward an amicable divorce. If parties are able to reach an agreement, they only then need to receive a final divorce decree from the court.

A marital settlement agreement can address almost all divorce issues including:

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