Help After a Soft Tissue Injury

Soft Tissue Injury

Insurance companies often do not take soft tissue injuries seriously, but we know that soft tissue injuries can be more of a problem to the victim than broken bones. If you have suffered a whiplash, rotator cuff, herniated disk or other soft tissue injury, talk to an attorney at Heller & Heller, P.A.

A broken bone is painful, but it often heals in a few weeks. A soft tissue injury can cause constant pain and stiffness for years.

Do not sign a settlement until you know more about your soft tissue injury.

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The insurance company will want you to settle quickly. Or they may deny your claim altogether. Soft tissue injuries are difficult to diagnose and treat. You may need surgery, physical therapy or both. At our Coral Springs-based firm, we will handle the insurance claim and make sure you have the time you need to fully understand the extent of your injuries.

We Are Here to Protect Your Rights

Soft tissue injuries can often be subjective, and hard to diagnose. Our personal injury lawyers have handled many cases, and we understand the difficulties of trying to explain where and how you hurt. But we never doubt that you are in pain. Like a rubber band, muscles can only stretch so far and then they tear. As they heal, scar tissue forms, and the former elasticity does not come back.
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