What makes commercial trucks so dangerous?

Large trucks figure prominently among the risks drivers encounter on Florida’s roads. Understanding the specific dangers trucks present as well as their causes can help motorists stay safer and avoid potentially serious accidents.

A top mistake a driver can make is thinking of a big rig as just another car that happens to take up a lot of space. A truck’s size affects much more than the room it needs. Large, heavy semitrailers move very differently from a passenger vehicle. The inertia their mass generates hampers their ability to slow down or stop quickly in reaction to an obstacle ahead. Swerving quickly to avoid a hazard can cause the truck to roll over. For these reasons, motorists should never cut ahead of a truck or travel too close to it on any side.

Increase in damage level

A truck’s cargo can also increase risks for other drivers. Large items strapped to a flatbed trailer may come loose and hit other vehicles or block the road. Flammable loads may substantially increase the damage from an accident and even cause an explosion. In a crash, a truck’s size and weight can increase the severity of any resulting damage and injuries.

Higher chance of driver distraction or fatigue

Several aspects of a commercial driver’s job increase the risks of drowsiness or distraction. While long stretches of driving can affect the ability to focus, the issue of drowsy driving in the industry continues to present a pressing concern. Despite efforts by lawmakers to regulate drivers’ schedules to ensure sufficient sleep, the pressure to meet delivery and pickup deadlines can impel drivers to skimp on rest. In severe cases, drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel; in others, they may lack situational awareness and quick reactions.

If you suffered a crash with the involvement of a commercial truck, you may face serious consequences for your medical and financial health. Consulting a qualified attorney as soon as possible can put you on the road to obtaining legally available compensation in your case.