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Walk Through the Tall Cypress Natural Area 

If you plan to visit Coral Springs for vacation, ensure you allocate some time to visit Tall Cypress National Area. This is one of the best places to spend some quality time. It has something for every visit, and even though it’s suitable for families with kids, people of all age groups can enjoy this fantastic park. The place is the definition of magic and fun. It’s a place every individual should visit at least once in a lifetime. Learn more here.

What to Do

Situated on a 66 acres’ piece of land, the Tall Cypress National Area was preserved as a wilderness area for people to enjoy. The region is known for its dense canopy of cypress trees that look after the swampy undergrowth of palms, ferns, and other plants. This offer the best habitat for different variety of birds and reptiles. Visitors can navigate through the area along the elevated boardwalk that stretches for more than 2000 feet. This will lead you through an assortment of distinct habitats that are ideal for bird watching. The parking area features restrooms, interpretive signs on the boardwalk, and a place with some seats where you can rest and enjoy the thrilling sounds of nature. Learn more about Watch and Learn About Butterflies at Butterfly World.