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Types of Damages in a Car Accident Case

A car accident can cause a lot of damages. These damages will be awarded as a settlement to the injured victim for the suffering caused by the carelessness of a driver. A Coral Springs car accident lawyer will fight for the settlement in a quest to get the victim back on track. It offers financial support for the non-economic and economic losses. These losses include:

Medical Costs

They cover the expenses of hospital stays, doctor visits, drugs, and also physical therapy. In case of severe injuries, the victim is compensated for future medical costs.Information can be found here.

Lost Income

Some car accident injuries may cause the victim to stop going to work. Therefore, they are eligible for compensation for the lost wages. See here for information about Tips for Hiring the Right Coral Springs Car Accident Lawyer.

Pains and Suffering

Car accidents victims are eligible for compensation  for the pain and suffering caused by injuries. That means that they are compensated for mental suffering and physical suffering caused by accident.

Loss of Consortium

In this case, a surviving partner is eligible for compensation  for loss of company, aid, and help from the loved one.  Heller & Heller, P.A. can battle for the rights of surviving children or parents.  

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