Developing A Comprehensive Florida Parenting Plan For Your Future

Whether you are facing an uncontested divorce or a pro se situation, chances are you will have to work through numerous disputes with your partner. Most often, divorcing couples face heated and emotional disputes when their children are involved.

At Heller & Heller, P.A., we have two decades of experience helping clients through complex divorce disputes. With offices in Coral Springs and Boca Raton, we guide clients through the process of developing a comprehensive parenting plan that addresses how parents will continue to raise and care for their children after a divorce.

Drafting A Florida Parenting Plan

In drafting a Florida parenting plan, several factors will be addressed, including:

  • Visitation, including determining an appropriate schedule that addresses school vacations and pickup/drop-off instructions.
  • Custody, including elements commonly known as legal custody which would include a parent’s obligations regarding the child’s education, health and general welfare.

While Florida statutes typically use phrases such as parental responsibility and time-sharing, our lawyers will take the time to explain the situation to you in easy to understand terms. With extensive family law experience, our attorneys understand the complexities of the law and the confusion our clients may face. Clients can rely on our personal service and individual attention throughout the process.

Even if a marriage is dissolved on the best of terms, co-parenting can be challenging. As experienced mediators and accomplished litigators, we can answer your questions and provide the skilled guidance you need.

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