Coral Springs Lawyers Handling Enforcement Of Court Orders

Court orders must be followed, child support must be paid, and child custody and visitation agreements must be adhered to. Unfortunately, these orders are not always followed. Sometimes, legal action needs to be taken to enforce alimony orders, child support orders, custody orders, and any other orders that have not been followed. At Heller & Heller, P.A. in Coral Springs, we can help you take the necessary action.

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We believe that a realistic assessment is important before taking enforcement actions. If we determine that taking action can help you get the child support payments that you need to raise your child, then we will take the necessary action. Sadly, in some cases, the costs of collecting child support need to be weighed against the chances of actually collecting what is due. We will give you the facts you need to determine the steps you wish to take.

Fast Action When It Comes To Enforcement Of Court Orders

We will move quickly to enforce alimony, child support or child custody orders, as well as any other orders that have not been followed. The process starts by filing a petition or motion to enforce or for contempt of court. We will file the petition and serve the person with legal documents and there will be a hearing. The other party may face serious penalties if the orders are not followed and may also be responsible for reimbursement of attorney fees and costs.

Defending Against Enforcement Actions

Whether an enforcement action is the result of a legal error or not, you may have options. You may be entitled to file a petition or motion to modify your orders. For example, if you are the subject of enforcement actions for failing to pay child support, but your orders are based on a higher level of pay — a level of pay you have not received for a while and do not foresee receiving again soon — you may be able to have your orders modified. We can offer guidance on the options available to you.

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