Despite Improvements In Car Safety, The Deaths Just Keep Coming

Driving on the streets of Coral Springs is a necessity for many motorists. Many of them are not aware that they are sharing the roads with intoxicated drivers and at risk of involvement in drunk driving accidents. People who drink and drive are one of the biggest dangers on the roads today. Their driving actions often mimic those of reckless drivers who tend to speed, tailgate and cut people off. There are other signs of drunk driving that motorists should learn to recognize so they can keep themselves safe.

Distorted vision

Many drunk drivers are not able to see as clearly as they normally can when they are not drunk. Drinking alcohol can lead to blurred vision and distorted perception that make it hard for them to see, which interferes with their ability to operate their vehicles safely and normally. They often resort to weaving back and forth in their lanes and driving dangerously close to other motorists.

Driving too slowly

Many drunk drivers are aware that they are intoxicated and try to avoid detection by driving slowly. They may also do it so they can remain cautious because they know they may need more time to respond to certain situations. In many cases, they are driving as much as five to 10 miles under posted speed limits. Motorists who encounter slow vehicle operators should also keep their eyes open for other signs of intoxication.


Many inebriated motorists are unable to drive in straight lines. Their perceptions and balances are off, which makes it hard for them to remain steady. As a result, they may tailgate other drivers so they can mimic their actions. Tailgating is already an extremely dangerous driving behavior. When alcohol becomes a factor, the risks increase dramatically because intoxicated drivers have slower reaction times and are not able to maneuver their vehicles quickly and safely when necessary.

Making wide turns

Drunk motorists usually have trouble judging distances because their cognitive and judgment skills are impaired. This increases the chances of inebriated drivers overcompensating in their maneuvers to make wide turns. They may also make sudden and frequent stops.

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone. Motorists who spot them on the roads should act responsibly by removing themselves from the vicinity and contacting the authorities to detain the drivers before they can harm others. Anyone who experiences a car accident that involves a drunk motorist should speak to an attorney to learn more about options that can improve their outcome.