Divorce Mediation For Dispute Resolution

In all Florida divorce cases, the court will require parties to go to mediation prior to a judge ever being involved. Mediation is a powerful Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method that is cost-effective and efficient. If you are seeking a divorce, we can represent you from start to finish, including advocating for you in a mediation process.

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At Heller & Heller, P.A., we work with a multitude of experienced mediators throughout the Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale areas. Our mediation attorneys have 20 years of experience and will do everything possible to seek an affordable and efficient divorce process on your behalf. We can provide strong representation for you during your divorce mediation.

The Mediation Process

Mediation is an ADR method where a third-party neutral (mediator) facilitates a solution between parties. The mediation process is completely confidential and parties are not required to come to an agreement. However, if an agreement is reached it is very beneficial since the parties are able to determine their marital settlement agreement, rather than a judge. Decisions on child custodychild supportproperty division, and other divorce issues can be reached through mediation. Mediation services save both time and money.

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