Insurance Dispute Attorney

Many issues need to be addressed during a divorce. While making certain that the most pressing issues get resolved, it is important that smaller issues are not overlooked. For example, one of the most commonly overlooked issues is insurance. At Heller & Heller, P.A. in Coral Springs, we make certain that insurance matters and divorce-related insurance disputes are handled appropriately.

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When the family car is switched over to one spouse, insurance needs to be adjusted accordingly. Homeowners’ insurance policies may need to be changed as well, not to mention life insurance policies. Our skilled attorneys can help you deal with these matters.

Why Avoiding Divorce-Related Insurance Disputes Is Important

During a divorce, the husband may take one of the family cars and the wife may take the other. The wife may overlook the fact that both are insured in her name. If the husband then gets in an accident, it will impact her insurance premiums well into the future. This is just one example of the insurance disputes that can arise related to a divorce.

Your Rights, Your Options And Your Obligations

We believe in taking the time to clearly review all issues that need to be addressed during your divorce. An insurance dispute attorney will tell you about your rights, your options, and your obligations in relation to the various insurance policies that you and your spouse hold. You can be confident that we will provide sound guidance about the steps you should take in terms of insurance coverage. We want to help you avoid divorce-related disputes that could arise in the future.

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