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After a divorce, who will be responsible for the mortgage? Who will be responsible for the family’s IRS debt? What about the credit card bills? The issue of marital debt division is just as important as the issue of division of marital assets, and it should not be overlooked. At Heller & Heller, P.A. in Coral Springs, we make certain to address the issue of debts during a divorce.

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Unfortunately, financial problems are one of the most common causes of divorce. Sometimes, these financial problems stem from a job loss. One spouse racks up a significant amount of debt while the other works harder, struggling to support the family. Sometimes they are the result of a gambling addiction or overuse of credit cards. No matter what the case, the end result is that there is debt that needs to be divided during the divorce.

Careful Review Of Credit Reports

When it comes to debt division, one of the first steps that may be taken is to review the credit report. We will take the time to get a clear picture of the debt, as well as the marital assets. We will only move forward when we have all of the necessary facts.

What About Bankruptcy?

Many people going through a divorce consider bankruptcy as a solution. In some cases, it may be. In some cases it is not a solution — such as IRS debt, for example, cannot be eliminated through bankruptcy. We will review this possibility with you as we address the issue of marital debt division.

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